10 ESSENTIAL things YOU must know to find a JOB

1. “What” are you professionally and “who” are you as a human being (personal attributes)?

2. What drives you in Life?

3. What is your target industry/sector and specific job title(s)?

4. Which specific companies do you have in mind?

5. What are your hard and transferable skills? 

6. What achievements do you have to prove your skills?

7. What value will you add to a company

8. Do you need to upskill to land your dream role?

9. Are you willing and able to relocate?

10. What is your minimum salary expectation?

These may seem basic, but they are FUNDAMENTAL questions that are YOUR responsibility to find answers to, ahead of job search.

The answers will also form the basis of your resume.

“Random” doesn’t work; this isn’t a lottery.
It’s a highly competitive market.

Be focused, targeted and make sure that your LinkedIn Profile and resume are directed at what you are aiming to achieve.

If you want to be hireable, make yourself desirable! 

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10 ESSENTIAL things YOU must know to find a JOB


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