18 most ANNOYING things about the HIRING PROCESS

Job seeker perspective:
1. Fake job postings.
2. Applicant Tracking System.
3. No call back from recruiters.
4. No feedback from hiring managers.
5. Ghosting by recruiters and hiring managers.
5. Ageism.
6. Lowballing of salaries.
7. Rescinded job offers.
8. Mindless interview questions.
9. Unrealistic or nebulous job descriptions.

Recruiter perspective:
10. Poor presentation of LinkedIn profile and resume by job seekers.
11. Non-contextual “spraying” of resumes by job seekers. 
12. Failure of candidates to follow instructions.
13. Ghosting by candidates and hiring managers.
14. Lack of information and feedback for candidates from hiring managers.

Hiring Manager perspective:
15. Candidates applying for positions they aren’t qualified for.
16. Lack of candidate preparation and company research.
17. Ghosting by candidates and recruiters.
18. Bad, anonymous company reviews on Glassdoor.


The moral of this post?

EVERYBODY needs to be accountable for their own role within the hiring process.

And EVERYBODY needs to do......


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18 most ANNOYING things about the HIRING PROCESS


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