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This post is concerned with students who are in Studying from Mumbai University (MU).

What happens when you get a KT? what does it mean? how many KT’s can you carry in the next semester? or how many will lead to a drop? what are the situations where you can face a drop? What if you have a drop and have opted for revaluation? what is revaluation? how does it work? Yes.. Yes.. We will Answer all this Question one by one

The answers to all your queries are here:
Note: Before you ask a question or email me about it try reading this blog carefully, I believe that I have answered most of your questions here already in a systematic way. Still if you feel your question needs a personal touch then send an email , I may not be available right away but I will respond as soon as I can. 

1) What is a KT?
A KT is a situation where you are not able to, or were too lazy to clear a subject. KT stands for Kept terms or keeping terms.

2) What do I do if I get a KT?
Nothing. You be a good student and study hard for it. You can clear your kt’s in next semester.

3) How many KT’s can I carry in one SEMESTER?
All. you can fail in all subjects and yet you can appear for all of the subjects in the next semester.
“Only if the next semester is in the the same academic year.“
Let’s say you’re in first year, and you get KT in 2 subjects. you can clear the kt’s in next semester. Lets say you get failed in all the subjects. you still can give the exam for the subjects in next semester.

4) How many KT’s can I carry to the next year?
Maximum 5. You can only carry max 5 kt’s to the next year. It could be any combination of the previous year semester kt’s. (for example. 2 kt’s in semester 1, 3 kt’s in semester 2 = a total of 5 kt’s).
so it can be any combination. but not more than 5.
AS far as internal KT’s are concerned. you can carry only 3 across a year. not more than 3.

5) What happens if I have more than 5 KT’s in a year ? will I be eligible for the next year?
No. Sorry friend, but such a situation is called a drop. you have to clear the kt’s and keep them in the maximum 5 limit. Until then you are not eligible for the next year admission. You can opt for revaluation if your marks are really close to the passing marks.

6) What do I do if I have a drop?
Study hard and clear the kt’s and accept what is happening. IF you’re really sure that you’ve written well then go for revaluation. Take provisional admission meanwhile.

7) What is provisional admission?
Provisional admission is a temporary admission to the next year if you’re not eligible. i.e. if you have not passed and have given the paper for revaluation. you can continue studying and appearing for less normally until the revaluation result is out. once it is out and if you have cleared.. you can take permanent admission. IF NOT then you have to accept the drop and clear your kt’s.
To apply for provisional you have to write a letter that you have so many kt’s and you have given for revaluation and that you are hoping to clear. submit the letter to the HOD or the college authorities.

8) What is revaluation?
Revaluation is a gamble. If you have failed and you are sure that you wrote a good or at least an acceptable paper then go for revaluation. Nothing for sure can be said about revaluation. I won’t say that revaluation has less chances. It does have hope, only if you have written some sensible material into the paper.

9) How to apply for revaluation?
It’s simple. You pay 500(Now it is Rs.250) or so to the college. Get the form, fill it, attach the concerned question papers along with the form and submit.

10) How long does it take for the revaluation results to come out?
Nothing sure, but around a month is very usual. In some cases it may come before you give your exam (the very same subject KT paper). In very rare cases .. it may come after the KT paper exam, which is not common but happens once in a while.

11) How does revaluation work?
The paper checked by the professor (who failed you) is all white marked. It means that all the marks he/she gave will be covered with white paper, the new revaluation professor will not see the marks (which is good). So the revaluation is completely honest and the revaluation professor has a fresh paper which he/she will be checking.
Revaluation is very lenient. The professor will be very merciful, they know how a student’s year is dependent on his/her pen. The professor will give marks easily.
it’s okay if your answers are irrelevant but the more you write the better are your chances in revaluation. so it ultimately depends on the quantity of what you’ve written. By irrelevant I mean anything close to the topic, if you write random shit, there’s no chance buddy. (I know people who write movie reviews and lyrics in their answers just to increase the length of the answer  – Don’t fool them, try not to be one of them)

12) How do the revaluation results come out?
The results will be displayed on the website, check for “Results of Revaluation cases” at or “Join Our Facebook Group we will keep you up to date” or Download our Mumbai University Result/Revaluation Tracker to stay updated. Many lists come out, and any of it may have your result. I kept a track of the lists by their numbers, and I used to check at least twice a day (Revaluation mostly comes at afternoon).
Some more facts about revaluation:
1) The application for revaluation or photocopy has to be done within 7 working days from the date of declaration of the result.
2) The University considers revaluation in the literal sense of the word. This means that your paper will be assessed as if it is being checked for the first time. The revaluator will not know about the marks awarded by the previous examiner, as those will be hidden with white pasting on them (At least this is what I was told by an official). So, he will check it according to his knowledge and discretion.
3) The new marks will  reflect in your result only if the change is more than 10% of the total, or more than 10 marks if the total is 100 for the paper. Yes, there are many many people out there who feel it is 2% or 4%, but this is what it is. Most colleges, even reputed ones, are not aware of this rule. Be sure to verify it from the University officials.
And now comes the most important part, for the people who did not read this and applied for revaluation just because they had got less than expected.

If you had passed, and after revaluation find that you have been failed, there is still hope. You can use the Ordinance 5048-A of Mumbai University. Through that, if your change is quite big (say for example from 55 to 30 which is a 25% change) you can approach your college principal who has the authority to inform the examination house and request the Vice Chancellor for a third opinion on your paper. If the request is granted, your paper will be assessed for the third time, and the examiner will be informed that you had passed earlier, but were failed in reval. The other terms, as said above, will remain same.

A point to note is that in this case, the 10% rule does not apply. Here, whatever marks are allotted to you will be considered final. And, this is the end of the road. You cannot do anything beyond this step.

If you want any clarification or have a grievance, you can go here:

Revaluation Department:
M.J. Phule Bhavan
Mumbai University
Santacruz (East)
Mumbai – 400 098

How to go there: Bus nos 318, 313, 619, 213, 306 LTD, 433, 517 LTD, 507 LTD (This all bus go inside mumbai university campus).

What to do after going there: Ask for directions to M.J. Phule Bhavan at the security booth. Once you reach there, stand in the Enquiry Counter queue. You will be asked to explain all details of your case, so be sure to have all documents (hall ticket, mark sheet, reval receipt, etc.) handy. Once you are issued a gate pass, go to the concerned room.

What to do after you applied: Wait for your result. Keep checking the varsity website Once its declared, go to Counter No. 2 at M.J. Phule Bhavan and submit your original marksheet. You will be issued a new one in the specified time period.

If you have got anywhere around 40 to 45 (if the passing is 40), then don’t even think about revaluation in your wildest dreams. Its better to be happy with less marks than to repeat an exam.
Also, if you have the highest marks in that paper, and still feel dissatisfied, chances are that you’ll end up reducing your score.

The 10% rule leaves little hopes of increase in the tally. Note that even in cases of revaluation due to totaling mistake or unchecked answer through photocopy, the same rule is applied.

13) What is Golden KT or Golden drop?
You cant carry a First year KT to the third year. or a second year KT to the final year.
If you happen to do so… it is called a golden drop. That means you have to wait a whole year until you can apply for third year or final year. meanwhile you can clear the kt’s in your drop year. (means you can go and give exams for the kt papers, clear them and after the year is over you can go for the third year or final year.

14) Internal KTs:
A) What is an internal KT?
An internal KT is one where you fail in the mid term tests. Mumbai university MCA program has 2 mid term tests per semester. Each test is 20 marks and so the average of two tests matters. It does not matter if you have passed in one and failed in other, THE AVERAGE MATTERS.
B) What happens when you get an Internal KT?
Nothing. LOL. Nothing. you can clear it next semester just like other KT’s.
There is a catch.
You can only carry 5 internal kt’s across years.
In the same year you can have any number of internal kt’s but when you are upgrading to the next year, you can have only a maximum of 5.
More than 5 is a drop. you will have to clear them and then you can go ahead.

15) Grace marks:
As lot of you have been asking about grace, this separate section might help you all.
Just like revaluation, grace is also uncertain. There is nothing definite about it. No proper rules that are applicable. So here’s some stuff that I know about grace. Again, nothing of this is 100% right, it differs from college to college. [Grace Marks Depend on Your total Average of your marks]
1) A total of 7-8 marks is given to a student who has all the other subjects cleared and only has one kt.
2) The above is only applicable if its your first attempt. (i.e. you are giving that semester exam for the very first time, not a kt exam) or for revaluation process too.

16) Drop:
Facing a drop is possibly the worst thing that can happen to you. I want to tell you that it is also the best thing that can happen to you. I am not encouraging you all to go for a drop purposely. Avoid that at all times. Clear your kt’s well in advance before the golden one. I’ll say try not to get any kt’s at all.
But still lets say somehow you end up getting a drop.
Here’s stuff that you can do during a drop year:
1) Clear your KT’s, study for at least 1 hr a day. So that when you proceed to next year you can start fresh.
2) Prepare and appear for a higher study program. (GRE, GMAT, GATE or Get a Course done) if you would like to go for higher studies. This could be an excellent time for you.
3) Improve your skill set. e.g. get a good command on a programming language or software. Read an advanced book related to your stream. Build something if you are in electronics/mechanics/coder.
4) Do some certification program. e.g. Java certification or any certification course. It will be of help to you during recruitment.
5) Work on yourself, think about what you want to do and develop good habits.
6) Last one: Work. Do something. Get a job, earn some money and save it. I would not suggest you do this because most people who work during drop year start earning good and leave studying.
Whatever you do, do not waste time. Remember this is an opportunity.

17) Photocopy:
A photocopy is obviously a printout of your answer sheet. You have to request for one by filling a form and paying a small fee. Photocopy should arrive within 2 weeks from application. When should you request for a photocopy? and how can it be helpful to you?
1) Request for a photocopy only if you are sure that you deserve more marks than you are given.
Image result for photocopy.gif
e.g. In semester 6, from Bsc.I.T, I had given a very good paper in Network Security. When the results came out i had failed and the result showed only 8 marks. I was very sure that I at least deserve the passing marks. So I applied for photocopy and the photocopy showed 19 marks on the front page, moreover inside the answer sheet two 10 mark questions were not checked at all. 
These kind of mistakes happen, there is nothing to worry about. In my case the error was very clear. In such cases photocopy is the only way to know for sure. Once you get your photocopy you can approach your professor or exam department to point out any errors in checking, miscalculation of marks. The exam department will get your paper rechecked.

18) Recruitment and KT’s:
Here are some facts :
1) Do KT’s affect your recruitment?
well, yes and no. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t. It all depends on the company who is hiring. Some companies like a clean slate student, without any kt’s and a good pointer. Some only consider how many kt’s are still live (How many kt’s are still not cleared). For some there is no such criteria about kt’s. Not having any kt’s in your MCA/Engineering years is a good thing. It certainly will be of help to you when you are being interviewed.
2) Does Drop year affect recruitment?
Again, yes and no. Most companies allow a gap of max 1 year. Some Companies don’t like it.
3) When does recruitment start?
There is a training and placement cell in every college. They will train you about all sorts of things (presenting yourself, what to do and what not to, etc). Usually training and placement begins in Second Year or depend on colleges. So make sure you clear all your kt’s by then.
4) How is the recruitment process?
Depends. Usually there is an aptitude test, a group discussion and then the interview. Candidates are shortlisted and then interviewed.
5) What can I as an MCA/Engineering student do to ensure that I get a job?
You can obviously keep your Score high from the very first semester. Work in the college councils, participate in seminars. Work on your communication skills. By the end of third year, you should have a good profile.

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Information about KT's and Revaluation - Mumbai University


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