Research Internships for Undergraduates

The following are some global research internship positions:

  1. MITACS Globalink, for research positions in Canada.
  2. NASA - CalTech Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), for research positions at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.
  3. Research fellowship at ETH Zurich
  4. Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
  5. CRUISE Program by Georgia Tech University
  6. IPAM UCLA, RIPS Program
  7. Summer at EPFL
  8. Robotics Institute for Summer Scholars, CMU
  9. SPIKE @ UNIST, Summer Program for Internship and Korean Experience
  10. NTHU Summer Internship Program
  11. Santa Fe Institute Summer Research Experience
  12. UROP International, RWTH Aachen
  13. University of Tokyo, Amgen Scholarship Japan (only Bio Tech and Bio-Chem Programs)
  14. MTBI Summer Program, Arizona State University: Only for US Citizens / Permanent Residents
  15. Summer Undergraduate Research fellowship program, Rockfeller Institute
  16. CERN Summer Student Program
  17. CERN OpenLab for Computer Science Undergraduates
  18. ISternship Summer Student Program, IST Austria (Note: Indian students not eligible)
  19. CalTech SURF Program
  20. TIGP-IIP, Academia Sincia, Taiwan
  21. Amgen Scholars Program
  22. IVISP, HKUST (only for senior year undergraduates + postgraduates)
  23. Space Astronomy Summer Program, Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
  24. UNSW Civil and Environmental Engineering Research Internship
  25. OIST Research Internship Program, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
  26. SURP, CUHK
  27. Visual Geometry Group
  28. The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (SIFP)
  29. Data Visualization Programming Summer Student Internship in New York City, Flatiron Institute.
  30. Summer Intern at the Kupcinet Getz International Summer Science School of the Weizmann Institute of Science
  31. Aalto Science Institute (AScI) Summer Trainees 2021
  32. Summer Research Program, Princeton University
  33. UX Research Internship, Red Hat
  34. Allen Institute for AI, Research and Engineering Internships
  35. Summer Training Program,CNIO
  36. ITRI Global Internship program
  37. International Student Research Internship Program - McKelvey School of Engineering
  38. Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering - Global Talent Attraction Program (GTAP)
  39. BioChemCoRe (Biology and Chemistry Computational Research), Amaro Lab, UC San Diego
  40. Global Research Experience in Advanced Technologies (GREAT) Program, UC Davis
  41. E3, EPFL (Switzerland)
  42. DAAD WISE Scholarship
  43. TEEP@Asia (Taiwan)
  44. HZDR Dresden, Summer student program (Germany)
  45. UNSW Research Internship (Australia)
  46. SURP (Hongkong)
  47. MaxSIP (Max Planck Institute Summer Internship)
  48. SPIKE@UNIST (South Korea)
  49. NIMS (Japan)
  50. ICT Summer Research Program
  51. GIST Global Internship Program (South Korea)
  52. OECD Internship Programme (France)
  53. KAUST (Saudi Arabia)
  54. UC Berkeley Amgen Scholars program
  55. Summer Undergraduate Program in Engineering Research at Berkeley (SUPERB) (for Information Technology students

The following are some research internships for Indian students:

  1. S.N. Bose Scholarship, sponsored by IUSSTF
  2. DAAD Wise Scholarship, for research positions in Germany
  3. Shastri Research Student Fellowship by Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
  4. Viterbi India Program, sponsored by IUSSTF and USC Viterbi
  5. Khorana Program for Scholars, sponsored by IUSSTF
  6. NTU-India Connect, sponsored by NTU
  7. Charpak Global Scholarship, funded by French Embassy in India
  8. Indian Student Internship Program at NTHU
  9. IBM Blue Mix Research Internship
  10. IBM Extreme Blue (limited to IITs and NITs)
  11. LIGO IndiGo at CalTech, funded by US NSF
  12. IIITD Summer Internship, IIIT, New Delhi
  13. Summer Research Fellowship Programme 2021, IISc, IAS, INS
  14. Quantitative Research Summer Internship, WorldQuant India
  15. Internship At CMI, Chennai Mathematical Institute
  16. Shastri Student Internship Project, Eligible universities here
  17. Cisco Summer internship
  18. Hackerrank SDE intern
  19. SSERD Research Intern for research work in topics like Space Settlement, Astrophysics, Space Mission Design etc.
  20. IISER Kolkata Summer Student Research Programme, IISER Kolkata
  21. IITM Summer Fellowship Programme, IIT Madras
  22. IITD GIPEDI, IIT Delhi
  23. IITB Research Internship Award, IIT Bombay
  24. IITK SURGE Program, IIT Kanpur
  25. SPARK, IIT Roorkee
  26. SRIP, IIT Gandhinagar
  27. IIT Ropar Summer Internship [Information], IIT Ropar
  28. Bhaba Atomic Research Centre
  29. ISI Kolkata Summer Internship

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This is a non-exhaustive list of opportunities available to Undergraduate students. Many of these positions are only focussed towards Indian students.


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