Name, Email, Phone, LinkedIn URL, City, State, Country.

1. Profile Summary
    “What” I am academically + “Who” I
    am as a human being (personal 
    attributes). 5 lines.

2. Competencies
     Transferable and Hard Skills as bullet
     points + 2 descriptive sentences in
     the present tense. (List of 
     transferable skills in the comments).

3. Education
    Descending chronological order.
    Degree, University, Location, GPA

4. Professional Experience (or 

     Descending chronological order.
     Company name, Job title, Location,
     Dates + 4 lines of descriptive 
     narrative or bullet points.

5. Certifications

6. Awards /Volunteer Work/ Projects

1 page only.
Minimum font size 11pts.
Times NR, Arial, Calibri etc

We don’t want to see Objective Statements.

Because if you are submitting your resume it should be targeted.

Check for grammar, spelling, proofread and ask another to proofread too.

No graphs, tables, graphics, icons, emojis etc.
You are an adult now; not 12!

No passport numbers or photos.

Welcome to the real world. 
Now showcase all that talent you have to us! 

Hope this helps? 

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